wellensang mini, Design by S.Fey,

UPOMA - dynamic wave designer, synthesizer

upoma wellensang software
upoma wellensang software
upoma wellensang software

Hardware Specs

• Stand-alone system
• 12 bit additive D/A
• 1.5" OLED b/w screen
• buttons(4), poti(1), encoder(1)
• 3.5mm headphone jack, USB
• robust case

Software Details

• 3 independent wave oszillator
• intuitive waveform drawing
• supports .wav and .rwf format
• 12 and 16bit format
• built-in storage


• wave designer and looper
• booted in less than an eyeblink
• endless storable user waveforms
• 128x128 pixel screen
• haptic control, no touch screen

upoma wellensang

The wellensang mini dWb (dynamic wave builder) comes suited with more than a bunch of waveforms or design your own, build-in scwf are accessible. giving you all the wave you're longing for.

overlay and multiply Dynamic Wave Forms, additive or destructive processing, link any wave to any function to design new waveforms. Loop from a single cyle wave to a bunch of samples within long range sampleforms. back out on line-out in 3.5 headphone jack. Fits in one hand, so easy to take it anywhere, usb or plug in 5V. one-hand-use, or more. Just order and enjoy;-)

wellensang mini design is a registered design at dpma. copyright by s.fey



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UPOMA - wellensang mini, dynamic wave designer, synthesizer
UPOMA - wellensang mini this Dynamic Wave Builder machine suits your ears, fits your hand and fills your needs. Discover creating complex wave forms.
upoma - thinking machine