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upoma wellensang sampler
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upoma wellensang machine

the wellensang series

audiophile machines. deep. complex.
control the wave you're surfing, pitch and roll;-)
wellensang trademark and series design are registered dpma


OLF - the fragrance lamp.

olf - the fragrance machine.

pure & simple, needs fire, gives happiness.
the most purest fragrance lamp in the world.
fragrance lamps design is a registered design at dpma. copyright by s.fey

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muqmuq looper

muqmuq - the sound sketchbook.

its a recorder, a designer, a looper machine.
sound anytime, anywhere, anysound..
muqmuq design is a registered design at dpma. copyright by s.fey

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machine - the wellensang machine.

its kind of a digital theremin. touch the metal,
move the levers, play it even with eyes closed.
machine design is a registered design at dpma. copyright by s.fey

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The sound sketchbook is the most powerful sound designer we created. A sound sketchbook machine for any place and any time, discover the endless sound control. Powered with three independent looper machines it also comes suited with more than a bunch of waveforms or design your own, build-in scwf are accessible giving you all the wave you are longing for.

Loop from a single cyle wave to a bunch of samples within long range sampleforms. back out on line-out in headphone jack, fits in one pocket so easy to travel it is usb powered.

Create sounds, design waves, record anything and manipulate, cut out, link, or playback. With muqmuq there is no end in sound control. store your sounds on the machine, dont worry about saving your sound data, muqmuq will always take care. overlay and multiply wave forms, sound snippets or dynamic wave forms. apply additive or destructive processing, link waves to machines to design new waveforms. nothing, you can't do.

Our ideas & products are produced with passion each object is handmade. With upoma new ways of thinking and doing are about to float. Using what is given keeping things clear we try not to waste the world's goods. Located in the centre of europe close to Frankfurt. For more information and phone number please scan qr code


You can use the contact form below to request a free callback from us. We would like to advise you by phone or in person on upoma machines. Just leave your name, email and phone number. We will call you according to your selected request. Privacy notices are available here: cookies and legals. Of course, you can withdraw a request at any time by sending a short, informal email to no (ät) upoma dot eu.

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