we invent and create machines, we search and find solutions. our tasks are audiophile machines and human powered machines, its all about thinking machine. explore the wellensang series, our audiophile machines or read more about olf, the fragrance lamp or get to know more about special machines.

jewellery design

[tri] nuts : chestnut jewellery : design by sf

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olf - the fragrance giver.

pure & simple, needs fire & resin, spreads happiness.
the most pure fragrance lamp we ever created.
fragrance lamp olf : registered design : upoma

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the wellensang machines

audiophile machines : deep, complex, simple.
control the wave you're surfing, pitch it and roll;-)
wellensang series : registered designs : upoma

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light design

cube light : copyright & design : upoma

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concrete elements - living the interior.

beneath your feet, above your head, in your hands.
see it, touch it, feel it even you dont know its there.
designing light, creating spaces, drawing new spheres.
concrete elements : designs copyright by upoma

upoma interior

concrete chair design : copyright by upoma : sf

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upoma interior

upoma @ work : theremin assembling scene

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upoma interior

upoma @ work : inside studio kfp

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upoma interior

upoma @ work : soapstone ring

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50°13'33.0"N 8°37'22.9"E
in three words
mobile phone
D 015TWO3 718ONE895
mailto : olf @ upoma (de/eu/net)


The sound sketchbook is the most powerful sound designer we created. A sound sketchbook machine for any place and any time, discover the endless sound control. Powered with three independent looper machines it also comes suited with more than a bunch of waveforms or design your own, build-in scwf are accessible giving you all the wave you are longing for.

Loop from a single cyle wave to a bunch of samples within long range sampleforms. back out on line-out in headphone jack, fits in one pocket so easy to travel it is usb powered.

Create sounds, design waves, record anything and manipulate, cut out, link, or playback. With muqmuq there is no end in sound control. store your sounds on the machine, dont worry about saving your sound data, muqmuq will always take care. overlay and multiply wave forms, sound snippets or dynamic wave forms. apply additive or destructive processing, link waves to machines to design new waveforms. nothing, you can't do.

Our ideas & products are produced with passion each object is handmade. With upoma new ways of thinking and doing are about to float. Using what is given keeping things clear we try not to waste the world's goods. Located in the centre of europe close to Frankfurt. For more information and phone number please scan qr code

upoma : thinking design - Array
UPOMA - we invent, we create, we search, we find. audiophile machines, human powered machines, thinking machine.
upoma : thinking design





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we - that are all the UPOMA people, named or unnamed - response to and responsible for those mr sebastian fey (architect & designer) design interior, exterior, architecture and things since 2011. THIS WEBSITE is designed and produced by UPOMA in 2021.